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Connecting the Future of Virtual Production

Standard Practices for a new VFX Technology

We’re here to make Virtual Production easier for projects utilizing this new VFX Technology. Focused on innovation and streamlining processes, Catalyst offers a turn-key system hardware solutions as well as production services that merge existing creative production pipelines with reliable cloud-native workflows.

World-class Production Support

Catalyst stands as a trusted partner through every phase of pre-production, production, and post. Whether you are exploring virtual production for the first time or are a seasoned professional, we are here to help you advance the limits of your project.
Hosted Version Control

Perforce is at the heart of virtual production collaboration, allowing artists across the world to easily work together.

Cloud Based Tools

We manage our own infrastructure, ensuring it’s optimized for the high demands of virtual production.

Custom Pipelines & Workflows

We’ll customize our approach to suit your project, making things run smoother than you thought possible.

On-prem Consulting

Need a hand on location? We'll help you operate or build out your studio and make sure your project crosses the finish line.

"Neon" (Ne) render nodes are a key element in a Catalyst ICVFX ecosystem, providing headless render output to an LED wall. Capable of rendering to a 4K section of LED wall.

Neon Gold

Render Node

"Neon" (Ne) render nodes are a key element in a Catalyst ICVFX ecosystem, providing headless render output to an LED wall. Capable of rendering to a 4K section of LED wall.


Powerful rendering capabilities powered by 2x NVIDIA A6000 GPUs

Small Form Factor

Thoughtfully designed to be one of the most compact systems on the market.


Open architecture means upgrades are the same as a regular computer.


In today’s globalized world, chances are you are interacting with people from more than just one country.

Hardware built for Virtual Production

Our hardware lineup consists of the most powerful hardware components on the market, thoughtfully designed with Virtual Production workloads in mind.

Let's Build it Together

Our systems fit together to meet the needs of any stage. Whether you're a large studio with existing infrastructure or a smaller studio looking to get started, we can tailor a Catalyst system to your needs. Catalyst is a name you can trust to bring you from A to Z.
New York

International Collaborations

The world is our stage. We work internationally with clients of all sizes, and our systems are fully remote by default, connecting studios and artists more seamlessly than ever before. Our platform blurs the lines between on-site and off-site, allowing you to create from anywhere.

Follow the Adventure

Follow what we're up to and keep track of our future progress.
Stephen Wilcox

"Working with Ian and Chandler early on and being introduced to their servers, it was possible to seamlessly work on large scale LED virtual production projects. Without their service we would not have been able to achieve the first large scale virtual production project in Japan. Having them part of our projects gave us that extra reassurance that we would be able to navigate through the challenges that LED virtual production presents."

Stephen Wilcox

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