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Catalyst is making 
Virtual Production easier.

Catalyst is a modern Virtual Production platform centered around deploying industry-standard tools in a centralized infrastructure. Our system is designed to eliminate the technical barrier-of-entry to Virtual Production, by offering a turn-key foundation that combines existing production pipelines & fundamentals with a powerful cloud-native architecture.

We believe that offering studios a common bed of technological capabilities to base their workflows on will level the playing field for smaller VP studios, as well as unlock its potential for larger studios.

Catalyst will enable a renewed focus on the creative process by supporting the technology that artists are already familiar with in a streamlined solution.


A growing ecosystem.

Equipped with an arsenal of tools both new and familiar, Catalyst starts by deploying a control server in your studio.
Always-on Core Services

Catalyst curates a set of core technologies into an all-in-one platform for creative collaboration on virtual productions, from pre to post.

  • Utilizes Unreal Engine, the world’s most realistic real-time 3D engine.

  • Always-on multi-user server for real time collaboration.

  • Integrated version control ( Perforce / Git )

  • High performance shared storage ( SMB / NFS )

Catalyst Control Center (beta) is an in-development web-based frontend solution.

  • Stage Control       ●   Network Administration       ●   nDisplay Render Control

  • Level Editor               ●   Real-time Compositing             ●   Motion Tracking

Virtual Machines & Containers

All the tools you’re used to, running in containers & virtual machines. 

  • Applications are obfuscated from the hardware using a lightweight custom OS.

  • Built around bleeding-edge technology like Kubernetes, VFIO, & the Nvidia Container Toolkit equals zero performance overhead for core services.


Unlock the potential of Virtual Production.

Global collaboration possibilities.
Dedicated local network for high-speed connectivity. 

  • Seamless connectivity for workstations and render nodes,
    without user interaction.

  • Enhanced built-in services like DHCP, DNS, & User Database.

  • Logins are common across all applications for maximum security.

Integrated VPN extends your network across the world.

  • Secure connectivity to entire network for remote artists, laptops, or mobile. 

  • Bridge your dedicated network with other sites, or even other studios. 

  • Cloud resources ( GCP / AWS ) can be easily connected to instantly scale a system.

Let's build it together.

Catalyst offers services for consulting on new studio builds and updates of existing configurations.

New Studios

Catalyst removes the technical barrier-of-entry to Virtual Production. Get up and running right away.

Existing Studios

Catalyst utilizes industry-standard tools, enhancing your existing workflow. ​

Big Studios

Support clients and creatives by streamlining your collaboration and rendering workflows.


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XR - Compositing Server

Blackmagic Design Decklink Cards - NVIDIA GTX 4090  - Threadripper 5965WX

ICVFX Virtual Production Previz setup for Creative Saskatchewan at the John Hopkins Soundstage

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