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Standard practices for a new VFX technology

Catalyst offers standardized hardware & software for Virtual Production, giving you a turn-key foundation that combines existing production pipelines and fundamentals with a powerful cloud-native architecture.

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World-class Production Support

Catalyst is a name you can trust to guide you through every stage of pre-production, production and even post. Wether you're new to virtual production or already an established player, we'll help you push the boundaries of your project with confidence.

Hosted Version Control

Perforce is at the heart of virtual production collaboration, allowing artists across the world to easily work together.

Cloud Based Tools

We host our own hardware that's custom tuned for heavy Virtual Production workloads.

Custom Pipelines & Workflows

Custom software pipelines on top of our custom hardware smooths out your workflow in ways never before possible.

On-prem Consulting

We'll make sure everything in your studio is running smoothly.

Hardware built for Virtual Production

A hardware lineup of the most powerful systems on the market, custom built for Virtual Production.

The Fasted and smallest Render node for ICVFX VP on the market. Powerful rendering capabilities for a 4K wall.

Render Node

The Fasted and smallest Render node for ICVFX VP on the market. Powerful rendering capabilities for a 4K wall.


Powerful rendering capabilities powered by 2x NVIDIA A6000 GPUs

Small Form Factor

The smallest footprint on the market.


Open architecture means upgrades are the same as a regular computer.


In today’s globalized world, chances are you are interacting with people from more than just one country.


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Let's build it together.

Catalyst is a name you can trust to bring you from A to Z with your entire virtual production stage. Leveraging our LED wall partners and hardware distribution chain, there’s nothing we can’t build. Ask us about our turn-key stage build service to take the burden off.

The Best in the Business.

Catalyst is run by industry veterans with an intimate understanding of deadlines and client relationships.

Stephen Chandler

Chief Technology Officer

Ian Fursa

Chief Executive Officer

Catalyst was formed by Steve & Ian in the wake of Covid as a way to combine forces and tackle some of the biggest obstacles in Virtual Production at the time. Since then, Catalyst has grown in success and scope at a dizzying rate.

We can't wait to see what's next!

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