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An Immersive Cinematic Experience with our Neon Gold render node at the forefront.

Success at Cine Gear 2024: A Recap

An Immersive Cinematic Experience with our Neon Gold render node at the forefront.

Picture this: an action-packed Indiana Jones adventure, but instead of a movie set, it’s happening at our booth! This year at Cine Gear 2024, Catalyst Virtual was invited to power a ground-breaking and unique virtual production concept. Combining the power of robotics, digital worlds, and practical props, robotics and digital, we created an unforgettable visitor experience where show participants could be a part of the action - and walk away with a cinematic video of the experience, to boot!

At Cine Gear 2024, Catalyst Virtual teamed up with Form Studios, Sisu Robots, and Roe to deliver an unforgettable experience. Roe, the superstar of LED walls, provided the stunning visuals, while we rolled out our tuk-tuk ride featuring some jaw-dropping in-camera VFX virtual production.

On-the-Spot Creativity

Setting up in just one day required not only skill but also a burst of creativity. Our team, connected through a flexible network and utilizing the powerful Neon Render node, adapted quickly to the fast-paced environment. This allowed us to bring innovative solutions to life rapidly, showcasing our ability to think on our feet.

Collaborative Innovation

Our success at CineGear 2024 was a true team effort. Form Studios brought their creative vision, Sisu Robots delivered precision and reliability, Roe’s LED walls provided the stunning visuals, and NAC Effects set up our tuk-tuk with impeccable skill. This collaboration exemplifies how working together can push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Technological Integration

The Sisu Robot was our MVP, positioning and moving the camera with the precision of a surgeon. This ensured a fluid on-set creative experience, allowing us to fine-tune each shot to perfection. Ian Fursa of VP Toolkit worked his lighting magic, and Aputure provided the gear that made everything pop.

The Setup

Visitors got to hop into our tuk-tuk and cruise through a virtual world. This wasn't your grandma's tech setup—powered by our Neon Gold server with two NVIDIA GPUs, everything ran smoother than a buttered-up otter. Our network handled all the action like a pro, reflecting Catalyst’s knack for seamless innovation.

The tuk-tuk, brought in and set up by NAC Effects, was mounted on a gimbal, syncing its movements perfectly with the LED wall, thanks to some tech wizardry. And get this—we pulled off the entire setup in just one day. Yep, we don’t mess around.

We used a single Neon Render node paired with a laptop and a small, flexible network. This setup connected our entire on-site team with the technology, making it easier and faster to be creative (because we needed it). This efficient arrangement enabled us to deliver top-notch results quickly.

Visitor Experience

The activation was a smash hit, giving everyone their own Indiana Jones moment. After the ride, attendees got personalized videos of their adventure, complete with epic cut scenes, emailed to them by Sisu. They could even download their videos right after, because waiting is so last year.

our Neon Gold render node doing it's thing!

Looking Ahead

A huge shoutout to Form Studios, Sisu, Roe, and NAC Effects for making this possible. We’re already cooking up ideas for next year and can’t wait to wow you all over again.

Here’s to another year of epic adventures at Cine Gear!

For more info on our services and tech, visit our website.

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